Wensday, 26. April

Kinds of waste packaging

In accordance with LR Packaging Law of 20th December, 2001 all enterprises, which annually place in the market over 300 kg of packaging, should provide for its management (collection, processing, reusage, recycling, regeneration or disposal)

Eko Reverss, Ltd. is helping to meet the requirements set forth by the law, by providing for acceptance of packaging from legal and physical persons at the tyre collection point inRumbula, Getlinu Street No. 5, Stopinu region every working day 9:00-19:00. It is recommended to agree about the delivery beforehand (phone number 67799999).
We offer to collect packaging by our transport upon preliminary agreement with our marketing expert in Riga and in Riga region, provided:

  • the packaging complies with certain quality requirements;
  • the customer can provide for loading of the equipment onto our transport.

It is possible to place containers for collecting packaging at customer's facilities (plant, near shops etc.),

Eko Reverss, Ltd. is Latvian Green Dot (LGD) cooperation partner in the field of packaging waste management. LGD is manufacturers’ liability system dealing with introduction and coordination a management system for waste packaging as well as waste electrical and electronic equipment and goods hazardous to the environment. Thus the customers of EKO Reverss, Ltd. are 100% exempt from natural resources tax and have 100% complied with the norms related to management of recyclable waste.